Welcome to join us!

We are looking for global partners who have the dream to build a great platform. SEIDL&SOHN piano as a great brand was founded in Germany by John Seidl in May, 1910. As one of the pioneer representatives of traditional piano,it has more than 100 years history making. “keep voicing,make feeling”has been defined to the mission of SEIDL&SOHN piano. In 1925 ~ 1970s, the second generation Gilbert Seidl and the third generation Stephen Seidl make the great improvement on quality and distributing the whole Europe.In the same time ,SEIDL&SOHN has established its global brand position.In the end of the 20th century, SEIDL&SOHN piano has been brought to China where had set up a representative office in Hong Kong.

The Global Business

As a global piano brand ,SEIDL&SOHN has been developed in Germany, France, Poland, Britain, Italy, Korea, Hongkong, Canada and China. There will be a rapid development in the future as the strong promotion.

The Energy of SEIDL&SOHN

High quality&service

High quality and service is the basis of existence and the premise of sustainable development. More than one hundred years manufacturing with great quality has been set the culture and spirits ,and we will continue in the future.

Customer operation

We have the rich experience on customer operation,include who the customer is? where the customer is? how to deal with and how we should repay? How to make different depends on our customer operation.

Efficient Management

We are experience a changing world that the right thing today may be wrong in the tomorrow.So,we should improve and strengthen the ability of productivity and management.

Global marketing

As a partnership ,you can distribute the global market what you can, sharing concept and win-win policy has been held by us.We are not only help you achieve local market, but also help you do business globally.

Capitalized Return

The partnership program is not only a commodity partnership,but also the program of capital and equity cooperation that helped many partners achieve financial freedom, which is what we are most proud of.