Help you mark better use of your piano.

A.You can register account in Seidl website,then sign in the account and enter the series of piano, you can get the report that verify the piano you bought.also,you can through the official e-mail( service@seidlsohn.com) to confirm.

A.It is not a quality problem, as a consumable parts which is related to the temperature, humidity and frequency of your environment.it is one of the common cases. If you find a broken string, please contact our sales agency to solve it.

A.The piano model sheet is located inside the side of board. For upright pianos, you can open the top cover and see it. For grand pianos, you can view it inside of the side of board after taking down the music stand. For serial number,it is sprayed on the iron plate.

A.The specifications of upright piano are generally at: width 150cm,thickness 60cm and height 118-132cm. In order to have good ventilation and good timbre,please keep 10 ~ 15cm away from the wall and needs a height of 40cm for tuning.Grand piano generally has a width 150cm ,height 110cm and depth 148-275cm, please keep more than 100cm height space to open the top cover plate .

A. It is recommended to carry out regular tuning and adjustment once or twice a year. Especially for a new piano that the tune is very easy to change when the piano is placed for 1 to 2 years.

A.I am very sorry that the customized piano is a special commodity and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please consider carefully before customization to avoid unnecessary trouble.

A.When you forgot the account password,You can retrieve your password by registered email/phone number or apply through e-mail( service@seidlsohn.com).

A.Yes, both upright and grand pianos can be equipped with automatic player, but the installation process may damage the existing structure.