Solid wood pedal

In order to reduce the sound rebound from the metal parts and release the sound to softness,we use maple as a pedal linkage.


In order to ensure the systematic coordination of piano, Seidl spend its own independent design to of the whole piano. Not only ensures the long and stable use, but also ensures the beautiful acoustic quality. Each Seidl piano are following the German traditional design, such as the design of iron plate, string row ,soundboard and action that to ensure the original piano sound.

Different Thickness Soundboard

In order to endow the unique characteristics of piano pitch that changes from thick to thin as the sound from bass to treble,Seidl piano adopts the different thickness of soundboard to conform to the principle,that from treble to bass, the soundboard is designed from thin to thick to form an arc, make sure the sound harmonious.

String Column Design

The string column design of piano has impact the sound effect and the stress distribution directly. The string column design of Seidl piano is constantly improved to achieve the best effect while the progress and development of computer technology, acoustics and physics.

Constant Temperature and Humidity Production

Most parts of the piano are made of wood, which has strong natural properties.In order to protect its natural ecological characteristics, the production and processing of Seidl piano provide the constant temperature and humidity by equipped.

Hydraulic Soft Device

For the safety, each Seidl piano is equipped with a hydraulic soft device on the key-cover to avoid the harm caused by the sudden closure of the key cover.

ISO Quality Certification

Each Seidl piano is based on the ISO international quality management system, ensuring its stable quality of physical and acoustic.

Fine Adjustment Assembly

A high-quality piano cannot be separated from the delicate deployment of piano masters, who manually carry out precise deployment of the hammer hitting point, the balance of action and the tactile sense of the keyboard to achieve the best performance effect.

Thickening Design of Chord Plate

The stability of piano intonation largely depends on the quality of the chord plate. In order to maintain the lasting stability of piano intonation, Seidl piano adopts the design of thickening the chord plate to avoid the stability problem.

The Seamless Mosaic

Traditional piano processing uses the split structure of mortise and tenon for wood parts. To ensure the rigor and stability of the structure, it must have an accurate and seamless Mosaic process, which often increases the difficulty and time of processing.

Unique Technology of Hanging String coil

The loop design at the end of the string also has an effect on the sound of the piano. The gourd loop design adopted by seidl piano avoids the risk of noise caused by too long overlapping strings in the hemp loop design.

Asymmetrical back column design

Whether a piano is stable depends on the design and distribution of the dorsal column. Due to the different chord lengths of the treble, mediant and bass, the tension distribution of the whole piano is not balanced, which requires the scientific design of the external dorsal column to balance the tension difference from the inside. Seidl piano adopts asymmetric back column design to solve this problem.