Maintenance and Care

How long does the use-age fo SEIDL&SOHN piano depends on your meticulous care.

Thank you very much for choosing SEIDL&SOHN piano, we will provide you with the best service and help.SEIDL&SOHN is a soulful instrument with the wonderful sound. The setting and careful care will make your piano as spiritual as a living creature. And good maintenance will be able to effectively extend its service life, to achieve the best performance.Due to the SEIDL&SOHN piano was made from lots of natural materials (such as natural wood, pure wool felt and leather, etc.), so the neglect of maintenance is easy to make your piano lose its spirituality, and even failure and damage.In this manual, we will briefly introduce you to the basics of piano maintenance and repair. But at any time, our dealers and professional technicals are very willing to provide you with professional advice and help.


Protection and maintenance

1.Protect moisture

The piano is made of wood, metal, wool felt, and leather materials, these materials have high requirements for environmental humidity. If the piano is exposed to high humidity for a long time, it will suffer from mechanical dullness, rust spots on the strings and other problems. The relative humidity of the piano is between 50% and 60%, and the average humidity of southern regions and coastal cities is higher than this, which requires some moisture-proof measures.The following are some common methods:

(1).AC dehumitification:you can use the air conditioning to reduce the humidity in the room,it can adjust the humidity of the whole indoor environment. It should be noted that AC dehumidification must be used more than 2 hours a day to have a significant effect, and will also change the room temperature.

(2).Dehumidifier: dehumidifier is relatively expensive and need more space, but it can automatically control the humidity, and keep the constant temperature.It should be noted that, because there are many metal parts in the piano, such as feet, strings, is easy to occur oxidation reaction and rust if the humidity too high.Then,professional technicians are needed to maintain the piano.

2.Prevent dry

When you live in a dry area or in the winter, the room is generally used heating that will reduce the room humidity. The dry environment is easy to make the wooden part cracking. So,we need to prevent drying.Here we provide some common humidification methods.

(1). Humidifier: It is a small appliances that the price is moderate and easy to buy and use,please make sure that the humidifier is enough water to prevent the appicance accidents.

(2). The basin, fish tank and broadleaf green plants are also the best method to prevent dry. At the same time, we should pay attention to avoid heating, stove and air conditioner where the piano place, keep away from the heat as far as possible, and properly maintain the indoor ventilation, avoid putting the piano in the closed space and solar energy, such as the window, balcony and so on.The temperature and humidity often dramatic change will make the piano wood cracking or paint blasting phenomenon, all of these problems are caused by poor maintenance.

3.Dust prevention

Dust accumulates after the piano has been placed for some time. The accumulated dust is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria, mildew and insects. Piano hammers and mufflers are made of felt and are susceptible to mold and decay. Therefore, it is recommended to cover the piano when not playing and keep the inside of the piano clean. When playing finished, please lay a soft cloth on the keyboard and cover it. This will help prevent dust and other debris from falling into the keys. It is necessory to wipe the piano once a week. When there is thicker dust you can use dry-wet towel to wipe, then wipe with piano liquid to spray it on a clean soft cloth before wiping. Do not spray the eraser directly on the body.


Piano hammers and other parts are made of wool felt, which can be easily damaged by moths. You can hang a camphor-ball at either end of the frame, keep away from the moving hammer. Also,you can put a few mothball in the bottom of footplate.Placing in spring and summer ,taking out in autumn and winter. Please contact us while the pests are found as soon as possible.


Placement and transportation

1.Piano Setting

The piano is very sensitive to temperature,The proper temperature is advantageous to the piano,please keep the temperature at 20-25C.The humidity also very impotant to piano,please keep the humidity between 50% and 60%; Do not make the temperature and humidity dramatic change and against airtight straightly.Piano placing would be constant that ensure all wheels on the ground.Please avoid placing small, vibrating objects on the piano that prevent falling inside the piano,not only difficult to find,but also cause vibrations and noise. Please do not put the cup or other liquid on the piano which may damage the piano paint.


Do not place the piano under the window, balcony, to avoid direct sunlight or rain; please keep far away from heat and water sources ,such as radiators and heaters. Piano should be far away from the toilet, kitchen and other place that easy to produce damp and turbid gas; the piano should be placed with no less than 10cm distance from the wall in order to maintain good ventilation.


In the process of transportation, piano is easy to impacted on the appearance or make the internal parts loose and so on. Especially, the heavy damage even make the plate fracture and damage the internal parts. Some people usually push it with force based on the pulley, that's not true! That will cause the strings broken and impact the intonation or even damage to parts.Therefore, we strongly recommend that seeking a professional transport personnel to help, please push and put it gently to prevent violent vibration.


Piano Care

1.Please entrust professional personnel for piano maintenance and inspection.

SEIDL&SOHN piano has been precisely adjusted that not allowed to be disassembled and interchanged. Please contact SEIDL&SOHN certified technician who belongs to the authorized dealer for help .The technician who has been trained by SEIDL&SOHN and is familiar with the characteristics of SEIDL&SOHN piano. Unauthorized demolition is strictly prohibited.

2.Please pay attention to the piano maintenance

(1)When the piano tuning please keep quiet to avoid affecting the effect.

(2)when the piano is maintained, please check as follows:

A. whether the piano technician has whole tools and works seriously?

B.Whether the tactility is improved after mechanical adjustment?

C.Whether there are any problems left over, such as insensitive keys and fault of action.

3.For a new piano,it also needs to tuning within 1-2months.Because of string tension and the change of temperature and humidity that it may cause the inaccurate intonation. Please keep the regular maintenance after purchasing .